Metal Stamping

Metal Stamping

Progressive stamping is a metal forming process that can include punching, coining, bending and several other ways of modifying a raw material, combined with an automatic feeding system that will feed the material into a metal stamping punch press.

Using servo press feed technology the feeding system pushes a strip of metal through multiple stations of a progressive stamping die. Each station performs one or more operations until a finished part is made. The final station is a cutoff operation, which separates the finished part from the carrying web. The carrying web, along with metal that is punched away in previous operations, is treated as scrap metal. Both are cut away, knocked down and then ejected from the die set, and in mass production are often transferred to scrap bins via underground scrap material conveyor belts.

With high precision repeatability a well setup progressive die can run days producing high quality, high volume parts

Progressive metal stamping

  • Reduces the need for multiple die changes
  • Needs one operator to manage several processes


Well engineered, high precession and durable progressive dies allow for reduced scrap in the process and in rejected parts

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