Core Services
Supplying Many Industries

Stamped metal components form the building blocks of vehicles, equipment, electronics, appliances, tools, and so much more

  • Electrical Components
  • Construction
  • Hardware
  • Fastening
  • Appliances

Our custom aluminum extrusions depend on the specifications provided by the customer. It doesn’t matter the form -we serve all industries.

  • Architectural Products
  • Display Manufacturers
  • Door Manufacturers
  • Transportation Applications
  • And Many More

Durable and adaptable we can customize any radiator and CAC for your specific application

  • Heavy Duty off Highway Equipment
  • Heavy Construction
  • Industrial Generators
  • High Performance Automotive
  • OEM Replacement


No job is too small for our skilled work force.  From welding to metal fab to finishing - we can get the job done!

  • Architectural Products
  • Railings & Doors
  • Docks & Ramps
  • Trailers
  • And Many More.....

value added services

Paint & Finishing

As a value added option, QST can offer a wet paint spray finishing.  Housed in our 160,000 square foot facility located in Jackson Wisconsin we can accommodate small run to large run custom painting.


QST offers industrial metal deburring services as part of our suite of custom finishing services for metal parts. Deburring services are used to remove the residue and imperfections remaining on a metal surface after the part has been machined, fabricated or welded.


Impact riveting can be a cost effective and time saving solution over non-permanent assembly methods such as bolts and nuts, studs and nuts, retaining rings, or cotter pins, to create a strong joint with a low profile and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Forming & Shaping

Complete brake press forming work, which can offer a very efficient and low-cost way to create simple angles and shapes.


The engineering and manufacturing team at QST has extensive welding backgrounds to address the most complex welding assemblies. Our cross-functional team designs and ensures each welding process is certified to meet your specifications.

Threading and Tapping

Customized to meet your specifications our metal fabrication shop can tap and thread your parts to the tolerances to exceed your expectations.


Quality Stamping and Tube can manufacturer and assemble your job allowing for fast lead times and quality finished products, including extruded aluminum profiles.


Our skilled work force uses effective grinding techniques, applying enough pressure at the correct angle to let the grains to remove the most metal in the shortest time ensuring we are efficient in your jobs turn around.

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