QS&T Radiators

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Quote Quantity
Prototype Yes No
Special Instructions

Engine Information
Model Number
Heat Load (BTU/Min)
Top Tank Temp. (°F)
Coolant Flow Rate (GPM)
Engine Operating Speed (RPM)
Automatic Transmission Yes No
Air Conditioning Yes No
Charge-Air Cooler Yes No
If yes, please also fill out the "Charge-Air Sizing Form".
Altitude (ft.)
Air Temp. into Radiator (°F)
Ambient Temp. (°F)
Engine Coolant Capacity (qts.)
Power Rating (HP)
Exhaust Cooling Wet Dry
Ram Air Yes No
Enclosure Yes No

Fan Information
If new application, please include a copy of the fan curve.
Part Number
Fan Type Sucker Blower
Fan Speed (RPM)
Fan to Core Distance (in.)
Fan Diameter (in.)
Projected Width (in.)
Number of Blades

Radiator Information
Overall Dimensions (in.) Height Width Depth
Core Dimensions (in.) Height Width Depth
Tank Type Bolted Soldered
Fin Type Serpentine Louvered
Serpentine Non-Louvered
Plate Dimpled
Plate Louvered
De-aeration System Full Slott Baffle
Water/Glycol Ratio
Pressure Cap Yes (PSI ) No
Inlet Connections Number Size (in.)
Outlet Connections Number Size (in.)
Retrofit Application Yes No
If yes, please fill out the next 7 questions.
Existing Radiator Manufacturer
Part Number
Tube Size
1/2" 3/4"
Tube Spacing (Pitch)
Tube Type
Staggered In Line
Fines per Inch
No. of Rows

Oil Cooler Information
Required only for applications utilizing an oil cooler.
Oil Cooler Manufacturer
Part Number
Location Up Stream Down Stream
Operating Pressure (PSIG)
Pressure Drop (PSIG)
Heat Load (BTU/Min.)
Oil Flow Rate (GPM)
Cooler Type Hydraulic Transmission
Coolant Flow Rate (GPM)
Radiator/Cooler Configuration Side-By-Side Series
Bottom Tank Cooler Yes No
Bottom Tank Coolant Temperature (°F)
Oil Temperature (°F)
Type of Oil
Inlet Connections Number Size (in.)
Outlet Connections Number Size (in.)